It is our goal to let you fly in the most beautiful paragliding area of Greece. The westcoast of Greece is renowned for its magnificent soaring region right beside the Ionian. Convenient for some very impressive XC-kilometers. But you’ll also be visiting some well-known competition sites further inland, where long mountain ranges will let any XC-heart beat a bit faster. This is where the Greek record for distance and altitude was determined, 195km and 4300m respectively.

In close cooperation with a experienced Greek guide we meticulously choose the appropriate take-off sites, so that even novice pilots feel at ease.


Why Greece?

*10 days in the most beautiful flight region of Greece
*Awesome coastal soaring above the azure blue water of the Ionian sea
*We go there where we can aspect the best weather conditions to fly. 
*Thanks to its distinctive scenic landscape, the areas we visit rank among the most beautiful flight regions in Europe

 touch the sky 

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