Flightsafari Sicily

Between the coastlines of North Africa and South Italy we’ll find the island of Sicily. A marvelous, beautiful piece of Italy in the midst of a Mediterranean climate.
Touch The Sky works closely with a very knowledgeable and experienced local guide/instructor. 

Discover with us this – relatively unknown to paragliders – pearl of the Mediterranean Sea.
High, bold cliffs, adjacent to white palm-lined beaches, offer amazing possibilities for soaring but also for nice xc-flights.

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Why Sicily?

*Sicily is located on the same latitude as for example Ölüdeniz, South of Spain or Tunis. You couldn’t escape bad weather in paragliding Europe further south.
*To the contrary of Ölüdeniz, Sicily is not overcrowded with paragliders, is part of Europe and has a good health care.
*No stress or rush because of packed launching sites or overcrowded airspace
*Excellent alternative programs available, in case the weather doesn’t cooperate. Let yourself be seduced by the Sicilian culture, the Mediterranean Sea or the warm water springs in the natural surroundings.

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