Slovenia / Soča Valley

Paragliding Safari Slovenia / Soča Valley

The Adriatic Sea, 20 km of lowlands inland and then ...... a mountain range, perfectly aligned with the sun and the sea and almost 50 km long. A guarantied nearly everlasting upwind from the sea – hours and many miles of soaring and thermal enjoyment. Maybe this will be your first 100 km cross-country flight?

The landscape of Soča Valley is perfectly suited for a starting xc-pilot!
In this location xc-flights of 100 km and more are achieved on a regular basis

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Why Soča Valley? :

*Perfectly suited for your first xc-flight
* No strong valley wind systems
*Suitable for cracks as well as less experienced pilots
* Numerous flyable days in a year due to the favorable climate
* Expensive lift tickets are not necessary
* Plenty of possibilities for water and alpine sports in the direct vicinity

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Included in the price of the Slovenian / Soča valley safari are :

  • 7 Nights Accommodation in a nice pension located directly at the Soča river bank
  • 6 Days Transport to the different flight regions and paragliding sites
  • 6 days very experienced guide and driver
  • Retrieval during XC-flights & outside landings
  • Fuel and toll for the defender
  • Tourist tax €14,-
  • We spend the night in double rooms, in case of uneven number of guest 1 x triple room
  • Maximum of 10 pilots
  • Organization in advance and during the trip

Exclusive are :

  • Launch and landing fees
  • Lunch, dinner and drinks

Optional are :

  • Single room. Only available if booked in advance

Price €880,-                       Book now!

Prices valid for 2024, subject to change.