Spain / Tenerife


If you want to escape the European autumn than this is a top location!
Tenerife is located even a lot further south than Ölüdeniz, which is well known by paragliders. Due to this reason low pressure areas in the autumn get it more difficult to reach us. Just imagine, Tenerife is located in the Atlantic Ocean at the same latitude as the Sahara desert... You can't get much further south within paragliding Europe.

This paragliding safari lasts 10 days with the intention of visiting (from a centrally chosen base) the most beautiful paragliding areas of this Island.
The Teide (3718m) is the highest mountain / volcano of the Canary Islands.
Many launching sites on all sides of the island make beautiful soar- or thermal flights almost always possible. On certain days you can reach an altitude of 2000m and XC flights up to 90 km are also possible.

In co-operation with a professional local guide, we carefully select the right launching sites, depending on the level of experience from the pilots. Working this way, not only the XC-crack but also the still inexperienced pilot can feel comfortable. 

IMG_20190106_144814_234  Teneriffa Teneriffa

Why Tenerife?

* Beautiful location to escape the European autumn, located at the same latitude as the Sahara desert!
* Paragliding safari for the duration of 10 days, we visit the most beautiful paragliding spots of Tenerife
* Unlike the well-known Ölüdeniz, Tenerife is not overrun by para-tourism, it´s the most southern part of Europe and has a good health care.
* No stress or hectic due to crowded launching sites or a full airspace.


We will not visit this destination in 2023.

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