Touch The Sky is a company in Carinthia/Austria, that put’s their heart and soul into the paragliding sport. Tandem-flight or flight safari? Well, first let me tell you a bit about myself, hopefully this will inspire some confidence...;-)

André Manuel?

1987: As a native Dutchman, my first attempts to fly are in Sauerland (Germany). This is the beginning of a passion for flying throughout my life.

1990: I make paragliding my profession and to this day with the same pleasure and enthusiasm as back then.

1990-2000: As flight instructor I work for the biggest flight training school in the Netherlands and mostly give lessons in the South of France, Austria and Turkey and of course in the Netherlands. To this day I was able to pass along this passion for paragliding to thousands of pilots.

2000: I move to Carinthia/Austria. Here I live, where else, almost on top of a take-off site, 1000m above the valley. My wife Isolde and I start our own business. We offer commercial tandem-flights and organize flight safaris to various countries in Europe which are all accompanied by myself. Furthermore we provide rental apartments to skiers, mountain hikers and paragliders.

Currently: After thousands of flights I’ll await you with the same passion and enthusiasm that I have had since 1987! Perhaps we’ll see each other soon on a tandem-flight high above the Koralpe or on one of my flight safaris? I’m looking forward to seeing you!


André Manuel

Your Tandem-pilot and instructor

Tandem flight?

´When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward,
for there you have been, and there you will always want to be.´
Leonardo Da Vinci"

Tandemflug Koralpe

Yes, flying is like a dream......
A dream, that the tandem-flight company Touch The Sky, can make come true through a paraglide tandem flight. Merely carried by the wind, an experienced, professional pilot will take you silently along the hillsides of the Koralpe or high above right up to the clouds. It’s entirely up to you; weather permitting.

Auch für Kinder

Tandem-flight gift certificate, the ultimate gift idea for an unforgettable memory!

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Flight safari?

Our paraglide safaris are a safe and comfortable solution for xc-cracks as well as less experienced pilots. Everything is taken care off, so nothing can get in the way of a week of worry free flying.

XC-cracks gladly utilize our local knowledge and our return service from long distance flights.


Novice pilots, who just recently got their license and still need some assistance with strong wind takeoffs or thermal flying, appreciate our experience and our tips. 

An epicurean pilot appreciates that everything is taken care off! No tedious searching for the ideal starting or landing site. Where is the best takeoff site with the current weather condition? Where do I stay overnight? How do I return?

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