Paragliding tandemflight

When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, 
for there you have been, and there you will always want to be.
Leonardo Da Vinci


Yes, flying is like a dream…

A dream that tandem fly venture Touch The Sky can realize by a paragliding-tandemflight.Carried only by the wind, an experienced and professionally flying pilot flies with you noiseless along the slopes of the Koralpe, or high above, entirely like you want and the weather allows it.

We´ll fly from the top of the Koralpe, the flying highlight in the Lavantvalley!
Off course are flights of lower launching sites also possible.

  und los gehts...

 It is that simple...              ...you just have to run a few steps…            ...and you are flying!!!

Tandem flight voucher, The gift-idea for an unforgettable adventure!

There are two different possibilities:
Flight A €160,- : Koralpe "summit". Including transport to the launching site at 1900m. Hight-difference 1500m. At least 25 minutes airtime
Flight B €130,- : Koralpe launching site at 1430m. Hight-difference ±1000m. At least 15 minutes airtime

Total time needed for one flight at least ± 2 hours. By good thermal weather-conditions we fly as long as possible and that could already rapidly be an hour or longer! Off course we do have the best chances for a long flight with flight A...

What you need:
- Body weight between 20 and 100 kilogram.
- Body covering clothes (wind-dense jacket, long trousers, gloves).
- Firm boots.
- Generally a good health.
- A little courage before launching to let you fly like an eagle, enjoying the spectaculair panorama!

What you can expect of us:
- Maximum safety by very experienced pilots.
- Several, by the aviation legislation prescribed insurances are included.
- Transport to the launching site
- Helmet and if you want a wind-dense overall.

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