Paragliding safari´s


Generell Flight Safari info for every destination.

What to expect.

Our Flight safaris suit novice pilots as well as an XC-crack and offer an adventurous and worry free week. Accommodation, transport and a very experienced local guide will be organized by us. Because of this, we are seldom on the wrong mountain and can guarantee more flights, more flight hours and more XC-kilometers as opposed to somebody who is trying to figure it out by themselves.

Our flight safaris are also pleasant, because we choose comfortable and centrally located accommodations to overnight. Which allows us to visit multiple flight regions and saves ourselves the annoying fact of having to move around from location to location (which is common during flight safaris) and still visit more than just one or two paragliding sites.

Every morning we have a briefing. After assessing the weather and any additional updated information, including requests of the group, we make a joint decision on which flight region we should visit that day. Once we reached the paragliding site, every pilot decides for himself when to launch, depending on the conditions and their experience.

Every pilot flies independently, there is no training during our flight safaris. Therefore you can expect a higher flight standard within the group, which in turn can be instructive when you’re dealing with more experienced pilots. We will gladly inform you about the most current start and flight techniques and during the safari there’ll always be professional help available, should the conditions be more demanding.

Flying in a group is not only more effective than flying by yourself, it is also safer. At least the apres-fly in the evenings is sure to be more enjoyable.

Spaß fliegt mit ;-)
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