Slovenia / Karawanks

Paragliding safari Slovenia / Karawanks

Flying high above Lake Bohinj in the 'Triglav National Park' with the highest mountain Triglav at your fingertips?
Fly along the highest peaks of the impressive Karawanks and Julian Alps?
Its possible and just fantastic!
Distances of well over 200 km are often flown here! These mountain ranges provide for an almost straightforward connection of the southern Alps, past Sillian (!) to the north side of the Alps and then we talk about more than 300km ... Something different than the standard Greifenburg routes 😉

 We stay in a beautiful medieval village in the surroundings of Lake Bled. Even for those who do not fly much is offered here!
Think only of the village Bled with all it's shops and terraces located directly on the lake,
or the Bled Castle, 130m high, proudly perched on a cliff overlooking the lake, or the various sports activities around the lake.
The Karawanks, a beautiful mountain range and hardly visited by other pilots than the Slovenes themselves. Here you will not be overrun by the paragliding tourism. The reason for this is the weak infrastructure for paragliders (no para-taxis or ski lifts) but we like to solve that for you 😉

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Why the Karawanks? :

* The airport of Ljubljana is only 30km away from our hotel
* Many launch sites, high and low, provide an answer to almost all wind situations
* Our centrally located hotel is in the surroundings of Lake Bled, a great location that has much to offer, even for the not-flying family members!
* Just for our location a must for the flying lovers of life!
* A great challenge for XC pilots who want to crack the 100 or even 200km
* The majestic nature of the Karawanks, not crowded and yet a great flying area!

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Included in the price of the Karawanken Paraglidingsafari are :

  • 7 nights in a great pension located directly at Lake Bled
  • 6 days transport to and from the different paragliding areas and launching sites
  • 6 Days guide & driver
  • Retrieval / transport during XC-flights
  • Tourist tax € 14, -
  • We spend the night in double rooms
  • Separated beds are possible in all rooms
  • Fuel and toll for the defender
  • Maximum of 10 Pilots
  • Organization in advance and during the trip

Exclusive are :

  • Launch and landing fees (rarely or not necessary)
  • Lunch, dinner and drinks

Optional are :

  • Dinner (3-course menu) in the restaurant of our Pension
  • Liftpass (rare or not necessary)

                        Price €880,-                      Book here!

Prices valid for 2024, subject to change.